Top of the blogs for me at present is the Wireframe blog run by Jakub Linowski. It’s a showcase of varying wireframe (and prototyping) techniques. It was on here that I came across Bubble Frames, a technique that I’ve been trying out recently.

The bubble frame is a watered down version of a wireframe. Instead of constructing exact boxes and labels as a skeleton for the web site, I use quickly drawn circles to represent what types of information will go where. – Chris LeCompte

I’m finding that they are working a treat when doing initial brainstorming with non-designers (stakeholders, developers, users), quickly getting across concepts, features, and priorities. I’m a fan of any technique that get all appropriate parties involved in the design process. And the inherent simplistic nature of them means everyone likes having a go.

Bubble frames are usually sketched/whiteboarded and then converted into digital format and either stuck up in a central project area (along with other sketches) or emailed around to act as reminder of the ideas discussed.

Fast, throwaway and accessible to non-designers. A great combination.

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